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lord i think i’m going to start a glee news blog because to make a successful one all you have to do is state shit with extreme conviction, sources 1000% optional

have my first five items:

- dianna agron confirmed to be returning to glee in s4 as flynn, quinn fabray’s ftm twin who lived in Thailand the last few years (source: a fox)

- episode 22 is called true love and will be about finn choosing between that jewish girl and his soulmate blaine

- in some upcoming story that has not been written yet, brittany sings third eye blind’s graduate to a montage of pregnant high school drop outs wheeling quinn off a cliff because as a female she doesn’t deserve to go to yale. and by brittany i mean blaine obviously. (source: a badger)

- spotted: two co-workers on glee spending time together. i think we all know what this means: LEA IS PREGNANT WITH NAYA’S BABY. a source close to one of the two said “i can’t with these lesbos”. aren’t biracial babies the cutest? (source: a stoat)

- rachel’s dreams come true in episode 21: sure, new directions come in 27th place after spending zero minutes preparing, but emma gives rachel her entire collection of bridal magazines and finn forgives her for having dreams that aren’t about his or blaine’s cock. awwww, y’all!

this is funny because glee really is this ridiculous

also - tumfy is my favorite

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The sheer volume of opinion (if not purely baseless conjecture) presented as fact I see on the internet on a daily basis explains so much about why my students are so fucking terrible at citing sources.

We unfortunately live in a world where declaring something with enough force will get at least 10 other people to believe it as a truth universally acknowledged, especially when that something is exactly what people want to believe.

How sad is that? V v sad, I say.

Sad because it’s not exactly difficult to differentiate credible sources from the bullshit.  I mean, sometimes it is, but.

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I’m going to reiterate that everyone should be reading Beers and Strippers.  EVERYONE.  (Except Sheena, I don’t want to induce death through fanfiction.)

Fanfiction frequently has me feeling things extremely.  Ex:

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i just want to reiterate how awesome i am.

you’re welcome on that rec!

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#:) :)  #but really go read it because it honestly is the best quinn fic  #tmf 
Quinn I want to fix. Rachel I just want to marry.


My love affair with Rachel Berry started out completely platonic, but then the more time I spent with her, the more I realized how perfectly flawed she is, emphasis on perfectly, and now I never feel more accomplished than when I accurately capture her through the eyes of someone else.

ECFC is Santana’s story, but it’s my love song to Rachel, for never giving up, for being recklessly brave, and for seeing the good in people when nobody sees the good in her. With every line added, I pull her into my heart more - and if you don’t get that same feeling when reading my ‘better’ stories, you are missing out.


:) :) :) :)

see why i like her?

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fic rec 

the day i tried to live, by tmf

shit, man.  this story has the biggest twist that i totally did not see coming and it’s totally messed up and crazy omg i can’t get over it help

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Btw, just a warning:


If by some sheer moment of WTF QFab has a gay awakening next week, I will have a conniption that will rival the self-congratulating smug bullshit a certain fanbase will revel in in size and intensity.

It’s not “We were always right!”. It’s a fan pandering ret con. It’s a fucking tragedy in terms of narrative continuity and a sign of dismal show running and UGH. I would’ve loved this in S1 but NOW? NO. JUST NO.

I am about 99% sure they won’t go there, but it’s GLEE, so you never know. You’re hereby forewarned. If you don’t want me to harsh your victory party, unfollow! I promise you I will effing explode.

lol yeah.  but you know, rib are fucking crazy, and that might just happen. 

and then faberry will fall in love

and then ….. i can’t even come up with a scenario to equate how ridiculous this would be.

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