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the demon i cling to

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Probably the strangest thing I’ve noticed about okcupid so far is that not very many people brush their teeth twice a day. WHO DOES THAt. I thought it was super common knowledge that you gotta brush before bed and after waking. Like, how you gonna skip either of those? Both super important or your breathe gonna be hella gross.

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joined okcupid tonight whatup 

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I have to take my grandmother’s cat to be out down today.

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i’m having serious facebook withdrawals, but i’m dealing in the form of online shopping. oops

- adidas sambas yay

- new suit from h&m alright

- socks from american apparel okay

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Am I one of those people no one likes to be around because I’m so negative all the time?

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Deleted my Facebook. I hate that fucking website. I hate the person I become when I’m on it. I hate that I’m filled with such fiery hatred. It’s all consuming, and I hate it.

Hate hate hate.

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Just left a lengthy comment on a stupid Facebook post that commiserates the injustice of Ray Rice being fired and Hope Solo continuing to play. Lol. And I was facetious in my answer, and they responded all indignant about how I, an outspoken feminist, should be addressing the issue of domestic violence and equality for all, and further indicated that I only support women’s rights if it benefits women. Sorry to be one of THOSE Facebook users, but I couldn’t not defend myself. He was practically begging for me to respond. So I did. Take that, men’s rights activist.

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How do you feel better when you don’t know why you’re upset?

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Today has been a horrible day and I’m really super upset for some inexplicable reason and I don’t know how to let it out so I can go back to being not upset anymore.

How to do the thing?

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Na, na, na, Diva is the female version of a hustler.

Na, na, na, Diva is the female version of a hustler.

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