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the demon i cling to

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Today my mom wasn’t home, so my eight year old sister asked me to set some words for her so she could write her daily sentences. I knew she did them every day, but I’ve never bothered to read them before.

My sister is a lot of things. She’s extremely smart, fairly quiet, and absolutely hilarious. But today I learned two new things about her:

a) my sister does not have a way with the written word

b) my sister is addicted to crack cocaine

I don’t know what the fuck she’s smoking but I want in on it sweet baby jesus I did not know what to do with myself while I was reading some of these

what is wrong with her

I don’t even understand what some of these mean

(things you should know: I am natalie, and her “silkys” are two little silk & velveteen blankets she’s slept with since she was born.)


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